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Who We Are:

Birch Trees Nursing Home is owned and operated by Maria, Anton and Kevin Sebastianpillai. Maria is an established Care Home manager with over 12 years' experience, Anton is a Consultant Medical Doctor in Elderly Care and Kevin their son concentrates on the day-to-day business affairs. Together they are an experienced and well-established team who also own and operate another care home (Greensleeves, SO17) which also has a Good CQC rating, rated "Good" in all 5 areas.

They are supported by a team of friendly, dedicated carers, Registered Nurses and ancillary staff who always seek to maintain a welcoming and homely atmosphere for our residents at Birch Trees.

Staff Training:


The manager is very committed to staff training and is personally involved in providing in-house training for all mandatory courses. Other related healthcare professionals are normally invited to deliver specialist training in clinical skills.  The home is also well supported by outside training agencies for other relevant courses.

All our staff members are highly valued and respected by the owners for their dedication, their kindness and their positive attitude towards caring for older people. 

They all receive induction training and regular two-monthly staff supervision sessions.  They are encouraged to undertake further training to maintain their continuous professional development to ensure high standard of quality care at Birch Trees. 

They are very carefully selected in line with the requirements of the National Minimum Standards of the Care Standards Act 2000 for their nursing skills and for their interest in caring for older people in a nursing home setting.


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